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3rd Tutorial of Advanced Synchrotron Techniques at Elettra

The participants

On 18 and 19 March, Elettra hosted the third “Tutorial of Advanced Synchrotron Techniques at Elettra", with the participation of undergraduate and PhD students from Montan Universität Leoben and the Technical University of Graz. The event was co-organized by Montan Universität Leoben (AT) and Elettra’s SAXS beamline -  which since October 2012 has been in use at the Technical University of Graz -  and made possible by the valuable collaboration of several other of the research centre’s experimental stations.

On the afternoon of Monday, 18 March the students attended a general presentation of the synchrotron laser, and were then led on a brief tour of Elettra and FERMI. Later, they visited several beamlines.

Tuesday, 19 March was dedicated to hands-on activities: the students, divided into four groups, carried out some demonstrative experiments on the SAXS, DXRL, XRD and XAFS beamlines.
At the end of the course, the students expressed their enthusiasm for the chance to participate in a hands-on experience in a prestigious international research centre. Dr. Rainer Lechner  and Dr. Oskar Paris of Montan Universität Leoben reiterated their interest in participating in the organization and staging of a fourth edition of the course in  2014.

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