99th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society

Monday, September 23rd, will be the first day of the 99th National Congress of the Italian Physical Society, which will feature the participation of hundreds of Italian Physicists from the academic community and from many research centres. Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste has actively participated in the organisation of the event and will be contributing with several invited scientific communications.

The University of Trieste will host the opening ceremony of the conference, which will take place in the Auditorium of the Rectorate and will start with the welcome speech of the Dean, Prof. Maurizio Fermeglia, and of the authorities. The morning session will then continue with the annual report of the President of the SIF, Prof. Luisa Cifarelli, from the University of Bologna. This will be followed by the seminar of Prof. Mateev on the personality of Bruno Pontecorvo, in the year of his 100th birth anniversary.

The program for the morning also includes the award ceremony of the Young Graduates in Physics who have reported outstanding results in their studies and research activities, of the Honorary Fellows in Physics, for their contributions to the teaching and the history of physics, and of the Honorary Members.

The opening of the conference will be also accompanied by the awarding of the prestigious “Enrico Fermi” prize, established in 2001 to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of Enrico Fermi. The prize will be assigned to a member whose discoveries have brought a valuable contribution to Physical sciences.

The congress week, which will then continue at SISSA with different parallel sessions, represents a key opportunity for the broad and heterogeneous community of Italian Physicists to gather and find themselves, despite their different cultural interests, due to the wide range of fields of research currently being pursued by Physics.
The decision to bring the national conference back to Trieste, after the success of the 1985 edition, which actually took place in our town, comes from the tight bond between this scientific discipline and the town of Trieste, which hosts a number of top-tier scientific institutions (besides Elettra, also the University of Trieste, the SISSA, the INFN, the ICTP, the IOM-CNR, the INAF, the FIT and the Physics Consortium), which have long being active in promoting Physical studies and have significantly contributed to the organisation  of the present Congress.

For info, please contact
Alessandro Baraldi
Physics Department, University of Trieste

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