Aerospace: a future of opportunities (Press review)


Aerospace: a future of opportunities

Twenty companies anda significant number ofresearchers took part yesterday in the workshop "Development opportunities in the aerospace industry," organized by the Italian SpaceAgency (ASI), Elettra Synchrotron TriesteandAREA Science Park.

Following the opening address by Laura Chies, Vice President of AREA Science Park, participants were greeted by the Regional Councillor for Research and University, Loredana Panariti, and the vice-president of the regional industrial federation (Confindustria), Sonia Lussi, thereby bearing witness to the fact that at a time of economic recovery the region Friuli Venezia Giulia needs to move beyond the current framework and promote the entry of young and innovative players. 
 "These initiatives - said Alfonso Franciosi, president and CEO of Elettra SincrotroneTrieste - implement one of the fundamental characteristics of our center: promoting joint research and development opportunities by bridging the gap between the scientificand industrial sectors. Aerospace is a field rife with opportunities that are particularly promising in terms of expansion prospects, as witnessed by the presence of the Italian Space Agency, the representatives of various scientific institutions, a number of national companies and the regional industrial federationat this event. In fields such as micro and nanoelectronics, the development of new materialsand the analysis of matter inextreme conditions, the use of synchrotron radiation and free electron laser technologies has already produced significant results in many sectors closely related toaerospace research. In this realm, cooperation and the pooling in of expertisecan achieve even more competitive results, with significant regional, national and international repercussions. Elettra SincrotroneTrieste is ready to do its part.”

 The workshop was part of the Italian Space Agency’s "Roadmap", whose aim is to promote synergies among Italy’s top players in the field by engaging both research and industry in dialogue on the development of space technologies.

 "Nowadays space is increasingly providing opportunities for economic development - said the president of ASI Roberto Battiston at the workshop. There are new players that have emerged from different  sectors, particularly from the digital world, who have seized the economic opportunities represented by aerospace in order to extend the range of their applications and services. Space in the future will be entirely different: thanks to new technologies and targeted investments, costs will gradually decrease, for instance in response to developments such as the competitiveness of VEGA, the future versions of Ariane 6 or cubesat — the microsatellites of the future” — followingof the decisions made at the 2014 meeting of the 20 ministers involved in the aerospace sector.

 "The Italian Space Agency - concluded Battiston - has assigned itself the task of stimulating the Italian HIGH TECH companies ecosystem — not merely the companies directly related to aerospace — so that space investment may engender business opportunities. We expect quite a lot from the new generations and believe they will be capable of generating crucial new ideas. We must therefore equip them with the instruments required in order to achieve their potential.”

(Comunicato stampa ASI-Elettra).


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