Art or Science? Images from the research world 2014




Art or science? When truth meets beauty. Now in its fifth edition: the photo contest unveiling the beauty of science and research.

Deadline for applications 31 July 2014. Rules and regulations (in Italian) at:

The top 8 will be posted up in Trieste along the city streets in 6 × 3 meter posters, from 22 September to 5 October 2014. Moreover, the 30 selected works will subsequently be printed on a rigid supports and displayed in an exhibition. Each participant may submit a maximum of five works, which will be evaluated by a panel with members from the University of Trieste and experts of the Immaginario Scientifico. 

The winner of the contest will receive a cash prize of € 500.00. The best image in the domain of energy studies will also be awarded a prize of 200,00 €.

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