Marco Peloi, Head of ILO at the Big Science Business Forum 2022 at Granada

Marco Peloi

In the frame of Big Science Business Forum 2022 currently held at Granada (Spain), ENRIITC - the European Network of Research Infrastructures and Industry for Collaboration is organising an event today 4th October 2022. As part of this event, ENRIITC in collaboration with CERIC-ERIC - the Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium organizes training sessions focused on "Increasing Research Infrastructures’ visibility and potential towards Industry".
The event brings together Industrial Liaison and Contact Officers (ILOs/ICOs) of European Research Infrastructures and Industry representatives to exchange experiences, best practices and knowledge on the topic.

Marco Peloi, head of the Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste ILO, is participating as a speaker to the event, bringing the experience, knowledge and know-how of our laboratory to the audience. In particular, he presents how to better communicate RIs' value to industry and how to better relate to it.

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