Carlo Rizzuto awarded with the silver seal of the Province of Trieste

From left to right: Carlo Rizzuto, Maria Teresa Bassa Poropat, Stefano Fantoni

22nd September 2016, Trieste.  
The President of the Province of Trieste, Maria Teresa Bassa Poropat, awarded the Chair of the General Assembly, Prof. Carlo Rizzuto, with the silver seal of the provincial administration. Prof. Stefano Fantoni, President of the Trieste International Foundation for the progress and freedom of science, opened the ceremony recalling how Rizzuto has provided an important contribution to solid and low-temperature physics, superconductivity and cryomedicine, with a great socio-economic impact in the research policy of both Italy and the whole Europe. 

The seal was awarded for Rizzuto's multi-year commitment in the field of science, characterized by the results of distinguished excellence in research, technology transfer and applications development. Rizzuto’s activity has been driven by the awareness of the role of research as leverage for societal growth. 

Moreover, the award was assigned for the important roles and responsibilities undertaken in the academic realms and in the most prestigious scientific entities. Rizzuto, as former member of committees and boards of directors, and as former President of the CERIC Italian Representing Entity – Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, has contributed to strengthening also the role of Trieste in the international scientific community. 

(Source: Press Office of the Province of Trieste - Carla Ciampalini)


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