CERIC-ERIC: the 1st internal workshop on communication


CERIC-ERIC organized the 1st internal workshop on communication at the NMR centre in Ljubljana, setting-up the CERIC’s distributed communication team. 
20th - 21st April 2015, Ljubljana - Slovenia 

On the 20th and 21st of April, the 1st CERIC Communication Workshop was held at the National Institute of Chemistry, the Representing Entity of the Republic of Slovenia, where the Slovenian Partner Facility in CERIC-ERIC, the NMR centre, is located. 

The distributed CERIC communication team, composed by the press and communication officers from each Partner Facility in CERIC, met for the first time in plenary hands-on working sessions, taking the first step towards a more effective collaboration in the future. Welcomed by Prof. Janez Plavec, Director of the NMR centre, the group also had the chance to visit the Slovenian Partner Facility and to get acquainted with its technology and research opportunities offered to the users.


The goal of the internal workshop on communication has been to focus and share the understanding of CERIC-ERIC’s specific identity as a distributed and integrated Research Infrastructure, and to identify the diverse target groups inside and outside the Consortium, as well as their main needs. The group than reflected on the tools available for sharing internal issues and for spreading information outside. Through a participative exchange and discussion, the team shared the vision and the understanding of CERIC, getting to a shared focus in the communication objectives to be achieved, with the final outcome of creating commitment, among all the participants, to CERIC and to its communication needs. 

The two-days workshop has been a successful starting point to set-up the distributed CERIC communication team, to outline an internally coherent corporate identity, and to enforce the values of CERIC’s culture. The very positive feedbacks on the initiative collected from the participants pave the way to a further joint development and coordination of the CERIC’s communication activities and to a closer cooperation for planning future steps to better approach both the CERIC’s community and its stakeholders. 
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