Elettra researchers@CERIC R2B event - 20 October 2017

In the framework of the H2020 project ACCELERATE (www.accelerate2020.eu), CERIC is organizing a Research to Business (R2B) meeting focused on Vibrational Spectroscopy and NMR Techniques for Industrial Applications, taking place on 20 October at the CERIC headquarters in Trieste, Italy.

During the event, the participants will be introduced to some of the analytical techniques and instruments available in CERIC, which allow the development of new applications and processes in sectors spanning textile, food, biomedical, and polymers and plastics. 

Dr. Lisa Vaccari, Dr. Giovanni Birarda and Dr. Barbara Rossi of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste will share their expertise in current and potential industrial application of the techniques available at the Elettra synchrotron lightsource.

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