CHESS 2024: Cultural Heritage and Earth Science applicationS - A Joint University of Milano - Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste school

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In February 2024 the CHESS school has again taken place at the premises of Elettra–Sincrotrone Trieste.

For many years this annual school has been organized by scientists the of the MCX and SYRMEP beamlines and TOMOLAB in collaboration with the Earth Science Department 'Ardito Desio' of the University of Milano addressing MSc and PhD students in the fields of Geosciences and Cultural Heritage studies.

This year the school has been extended to include also other synchrotron techniques. It took place over two days and was attended by about 20 students.

The workshop was organized by Prof. Nicoletta Marinoni, Prof. Marco Merlini and Prof. Patrizia Fumagalli of the University of Milano.

The first day of the school was completely dedicated to the beamline SYRMEP and the TOMOLAB. Diego Dreossi, Simone Lemmers and Marko Kudrna Prasek introduced the students to both the theoretic and practical aspects of tomography. 
The second day started with a general lesson on synchrotron radiation by Jasper Plaisier.

As the school took place, while the synchrotron was in shutdown, the students were later given the possibility to actually see the machine during a tour of the booster and the storage ring guided by Stefano Krecic. The rest of the day was dedicated to various synchrotron techniques.

A special presentation was given by Chiaramaria Stani about the application of IR spectroscopy in the field of cultural heritage studies at Sissi. During a tour of the beamlines Veronica Stopponi showed how this technique can also be applied in geosciences. Ilaria Carlomagno explained how the technique of X-ray fluorescence can be used in these fields at the XRF beamline. Finally, applications of X-ray powder diffraction were demonstrated at the beamline MCX.
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