Dr Aravind Penmatsa selected as EMBO Global Investigator

We are delighted to congratulate Aravind Penmatsa for being selected as EMBO Global Investigator

Dr Aravind Penmatsa is a professor at the Molecular Biophysics Units of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. His laboratory focusses on the structural analysis of challenging membrane proteins involved in the transport of molecules in and out of cells and organelles, exploiting the ion gradient across the membrane.
He is a very active member of the Elettra-India collaboration and frequently visited Trieste to collect data at the macromolecular crystallography beamline XRD2. He is a key player in the organization of the visits of the Indian structural biologists.

The European Molecular Organization (EMBO) every year selects some of the best scientists in Europe in recognition of their scientific outstanding achievements. Very recently EMBO launched the Global Investigators programme, to recognise research excellence outside Europe. As the number of EMBO Global Investigators is very limited, this is a very prestigious recognition.
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Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 December 2020 08:56