Elettra 2.0: New Structural Biology Opportunities Workshop

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On July the 3rd, the workshop "Elettra 2.0: New Structural Biology Opportunities" took place in Trieste, at the Area Science Park congress hall, bringing together international experts and the community of present and future users of the structural biology platform under development.

The new Elettra 2.0 light machine and the funding from the PNRR project PRP@CERIC are the key to a renewed synergy between Elettra, Area Science Park and CNR, for the IOM and IC institutes, in the field of structural biology, aimed at the integration of the new macromolecule micro-diffraction beamline, the electron cryo-microscopy facility and the structural biology laboratory for sample preparation and characterisation. 

Speakers from the world's leading synchrotron facilities, electron microscopy centres and preparation laboratories shared their experiences and visions with the audience of participants, helping to develop new ideas and define integration directions that are functional for the basic and industrial research community.
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