Elettra at the NEPHEWS kick-off meeting to promote collaboration among scientific communities

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On February 8th and 9th, 2024, the kick-off meeting of the NEPHEWS project, aimed at promoting collaboration among European scientific communities, was held at the SOLARIS research center in Krakow, Poland. Michela Bassanese from the User Office and Marco Peloi from the Industrial Liaison Office represented Elettra at the event.

NEPHEWS, or NEutrons and PHotons Elevating Worldwide Science, comprises 21 synchrotron, free electron laser, and neutron research infrastructures, with SOLARIS leading the initiative. The kick-off meeting outlined the project's action plan, structure, communication strategy, and more.

Over the next three years, NEPHEWS will offer user-driven Trans-National Access (TNA) to facilitate over 450 experiments, benefiting approximately 900 users, prioritizing new and non-expert users, particularly from Widening countries. The project includes over 130 twinning actions, enabling new users to participate in expert group experiments to gain hands-on experience. Dissemination efforts will promote the research opportunities provided by the project's infrastructures, targeting early-stage researchers and regions lacking such facilities.

Co-funded under Horizon Europe, NEPHEWS unites various European scientific communities, including ENSA, ESUO, LEAPS, and LENS consortia, fostering collaboration and frontier knowledge advancement.

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