Elettra In-kind Partner of ESS - colleagues visit to see the impact of their work

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A group of colleagues from several groups from Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste joined the two days visit organized by ESS for the In-Kind teams from Italy and France. 
The visit included workshops, presentations, and a tour of the ESS facility, providing an opportunity for ESS’ partners to see the impact of their work.
During a two-day visit to ESS, Elettra colleagues had the chance to see the results of their long-term efforts. For many of them handling administrative, design, and engineering tasks behind the scenes, this was their first visit to ESS. 
The event marked the third in a series of on-site visits organised for In-Kind partners. Similar visits have previously been arranged for In-Kind teams from the United Kingdom and Estonia, and the plan is to continue this initiative with the other nine ESS members states.
ESS is a unique pan-European effort made possible thanks to the contributions
of more than 40 partner institutes working together to design, build and operate
one of the world's leading research facility using neutrons for science. Member
states France and Italy are responsible for significant In-Kind contributions
across the Accelerator, Target, Instruments and Control System projects.

This is Elettra's contribution to the Project :
Spoke RF Power Stations – including installation, test and commissioning
Linac Magnets
Power Converters for Linac
Wire Scanner Acquisition

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