Synchrotron light at the service of business: article in the november issue of PLATINUM Sole 24 ore

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Elettra is in the November 2022 issue of PLATINUM 'Aziende e Protagonisti', the quarterly magazine of Il Sole 24 ORE.
Below the published article: 'Synchrotron light at the service of enterprises'.

'At the Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste research center, state-of-the-art instrumentation for analysis and research in pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have access to new opportunities for their  research and development projects  by taking advantage of synchrotron light at the Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste research center. The center has successfully partnered for years with major chemical and pharmaceutical indrustries by offering them specific scientific expertise and technological facilities unique in Italy, such as the Elettra synchrotron light source, the Fermi free-electron laser, and the Structural Biology and Infrared Spectroscopy laboratories. Such state-of-the-art instrumentation enables companies to carry out analytical and research activities at the highest level thorugh the application of biochemical, biophysical and imaging characterization techniques. Recently, Elettra Sincrtorone Trieste acquired the rights to exploit the patent of an innovative protocol that enables high-sensitivity purity analysis of active ingredients and finished products, with significant spin-offs in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, nutraceutical and diagnostic sectors.'

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