Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and Eni sign a science cooperation agreement

Trieste, 27th June 2018

Eni and Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste have signed a science and technology cooperation agreement whereby the Italian energy giant will use the very high skills and cutting-edge equipment of the international research centre based in Area Science Park (Trieste) for studies and research ranging from renewable energies to environmental technologies.
In particular, Elettra will provide important contributions to the characterization of new materials to be used in renewable energy production, geo-physical studies and the analysis of chemical and physical processes related to the use of fossil fuels and lubricants to reduce their environmental impacts.

The cooperation between the two entities dates back to the early 1990s when Elettra was set up. At that time, Eni contributed to the construction of one of the first beamlines, i.e. the experimental lines used by researchers. This new agreement increases the number of prestigious collaborations that Eni can boast with international research centres, including the MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the French CNRS and the Polytechnics of Milan and Turin.

Since 2014, Eni has been investing over € 650 million in research and development with nearly 500 staff members working in its centres of San Donato Milanese (Upstream & Downstream Labs), Novara (Istituto Donegani - Renewable Energy Labs), Venice (Robotics and Prototyping) and Stavanger-Norway (HSE, environment and underwater technologies). At present, 55% of investments are allocated to core business activities (Upstream and Downstream), whereas 45% to HSE, energy transition, decarbonization and renewable energy exploitation.

“We are not only working for the international scientific community, but for some time we have been promoting the use of our facilities by Italian and foreign companies that are strongly oriented to innovation and technologies - as underlined by Prof. Alfonso Franciosi, Chairman and CEO of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. In particular, our agreement with Eni aims at providing new impetus to a thirty-year collaboration that could have significant impacts in terms of new knowledge and innovative technology applications”. 

The multi-year framework agreement will be implemented through specific research and development projects to be launched over the next few months.


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