Energy for Sustainable Science at Research Infrastructures: CERN, ERF & ESS announce the second workshop

CERN, the European Association of National Research Facilities (ERF), and the European Spallation Source (ESS), announce the second joint workshop on Energy for Sustainable Science at Research Infrastructures.The event will take place at CERN on 23-25 October 2013.

The first edition of the workshop was held in 2011 in Lund, Sweden, where the European Spallation Source is under construction. This event - the first fully dedicated to energy management in research centres - attracted more than 150 people interested in sharing energy-management policies in large-scale laboratories and organizations, in particular those policies relating to the design and operation of accelerators. 

“Thanks to the experience gained two years ago, the programme of this edition has been enriched to cover more topics and to identify best practices,” says Frédérick Bordry, head of CERN’s Technology department. “In addition to the organizing research facilities, other worldwide leading laboratories, like KEK, Fermilab and Brookhaven National Laboratory will present their strategies for energy management, efficiency and sustainability.”

Around 300 experts are expected to come to CERN to exchange knowledge in the fields of energy efficiency in computing centres, procurement and financing of energy and development and management of sustainable campus. A section of the workshop will be dedicated to green technologies developed in the framework of high-energy physics.
Elettra will participate too, by presenting the results of three years of operations of the trigeneration system installed in research center.

Registration for the workshop is now open.

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