Empowering Women in Science Workshop: Exploring Science and Technology at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste for the Women in Science for the Developing World

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The OWSD fellowship program supports outstanding women scientists from developing countries to lead research projects and establish research teams at their home institutions to maintain an international standard of research and attract scholars from around the world to collaborate. During three years of the fellowship, female researchers receive specific training to strengthen their leadership and management skills and develop connections with a variety of public and private sector partners to convert their research into marketable products or ensure its impact on a larger scale.
Part of the training program that took place in Trieste at ICTP also featured a meeting session at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.

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After the welcome and a brief overview on Elettra by Loredana Casalis, head of the Nanoinnovation Laboratory, the participants attended lectured especially taylored for the event, including ‘Technology Transfer: Experiences and Challenges’by Mojca Franceskin and Maria Cristina Cringoli of the Industrial Liaison Office, ‘Scientific Computing’ by George Kourousias, Head of the Essential Remotization internal project, ‘Exploring the Frontiers of Energy Research’ at Elettra by Giuliana Aquilanti, researcher head of XAFS and XRF beamlines, and ‘Synchrotron Application for Agriculture’ by Alessandra Gianoncelli, Head of the TwinMic beamline. They also visited the Protein Production Facility with Paola Storici, Head of the Protein Facility, as well as the Elettra experimental hall and FERMI with Filippo Bencivenga, researcher at FERMI.

Funding for the fellowships is provided by Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC). This year the Aspen Institute Italia is funding for the first time one Early Career fellowship, marking the first step of a collaboration that will build the bridge for future opportunities to support women in science from the developing world.
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