FERMI on the cover of Nature Photonics

Nature Photonics Volume 13 Issue 8, August 2019
Echo-enabled free-electron lasers

The prestigious scientific magazine dedicated the cover of August to the innovative study "Echo Enable Harmonic Generation with FERMI free electron laser". It is an artistic impression of first lasing from a soft X-ray free-electron laser that uses echo-enabled harmonic generation. The development allows the generation of intense, fully coherent, multicolour, laser-like pulses with wavelengths extending into the water window (2–4 nm).

Original paper:
P.R. Ribič et al., “Coherent soft x-ray pulses from an echo-enabled harmonic generation free-electron laser”,
Nature Photonics volume 13, pages 555–561 (2019); DOI: 10.1038/s41566-019-0427-1, https://rdcu.be/bAxPt
The image chosen by the journal was created by the Elettra team with the contribution of the graphic studio Basiq.

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