Giuseppina Palma presented "Invisible" at La Repubblica delle Idee

Last October 12 at the Toniolo Theatre in Mestre Giuseppina Palma was one of the guests of “Next”, the event dedicated to innovation.
“Next” was moderated by the journalist Riccardo Luna, and was part of a broader initiative called "La Repubblica delle Idee” held in Venice-Mestre from 11 to 13 October and dedicated to various topics: genetics, finance, the environment, the preservation of cultural heritage and much more.
On the stage Giuseppina Palma presented "Invisible", the innovative anti-counterfeiting technology designed by a team of researchers from Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. 
It is a non-invasive, totally invisible mark to protect artworks, it  does not affect the object and can only be seen if illuminated by a light beam at the right wavelength. Only the person who placed the mark knows its exact position on the object.
The video of the event is available on line.




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