GO FAST Project


On 26-27th November at CNRS Paris took place the “8th Month Meeting” of the GO FAST project (Governing ultraFAST the conductivity of correlated material). The project, funded by the European Commission in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development, started in April 2012 and involves Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and other 6 entities (4 universities, 1 research organization and 1 SME). 

The ambitious aim of the GO FAST project is to develop a joint theoretical – experimental effort to develop and test, for the first time, realistic non equilibrium models for the ultrafast interaction of femtosecond light pulse with correlated electrons in transition metal oxides. The final goal is to achieve the ultrafast (<100fs) control of the physical properties of these systems by photoinducing non-thermal final states with novel functionalities. The T-ReX Laboratory of Elettra (Time Resolved X-Ray spectroscopy) will bring in the project the available set of sources and set-ups that offer different spectroscopic techniques; in more details the GO FAST activities within the T-ReX group will be dedicated to the studies of the spectral selectivity of the excitation processes in High Temperature superconductors  to deliver guidelines for the development of devices allowing for an optical control of superconductivity on ultrafast timescales.

More information: GO FAST Project 


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