INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH: Sincrotrone Trieste meets the companies of Kilometro Rosso

Today, June the 27th, at Kilometro Rosso premises is taking place a meeting between some representatives of Sincrotrone Trieste and some companies bearing the excellence of the scientific and technological Park based in Lombardia.

The meeting follows a cooperation agreement signed last January between the two centres and aims at promoting Industrial Research, Technological Innovation and the development of frontier technology of enterprises. Joining the two excellences the agreement intends to exploit the results of the scientific research of Sincrotrone Trieste cooperating in the development of technologies and new applications for Kilometro Rosso's industrial network, but also intends to spur and foster the demand for research and innovation of high-tech enterprises active in various sectors and to start fruitful cooperation between these and the two centres.
 Several topics will be discussed during the meeting, focusing on materials analysis and characterization and on the development of new sensors and devices based on nanotechnology.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 June 2012 16:48