Industry and Equal Opportunity at IPAC'23

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(Courtesy of IPAC'23 Mazzola & Padovani)

Among the various plenary sessions and parallel scientific sessions focused on enhancements of major laboratories, future frontier projects, applications, and knowledge transfer in various fields IPAC23 has included also an Industrial Exhibition, a global gathering of innovation and Collaboration.
The exhibition was a resounding success, with 121 companies from around the globe coming together to participate in the conference. Attendees had the chance to connect, exchange knowledge and network with industry leaders and academics alike, fostering new opportunities for collaboration in the future. The latest cutting-edge products and services from industry-leading companies were showcased.
Tuesday Industry session emphasized the challenges and opportunities that arise when academia and industry work together towards common goals. Overall, the IPAC23 Industrial Exhibition was an outstanding showcase of the industry's best, highlighting the advancements and innovation.

A special session has been dedicated to the Equal Opportunity that has triggered the interest of many participants highlighting the theme of equal opportunities for everyone in every field as a fundamental basis for allowing human beings to express themselves and enhance their inner potential to take a step towards broad and open knowledge.
The two talks approached the need to change the culture and the work organization including the gender dimension in the labs, in the researches, and in the management tables not only of women and for women, but for all. An overview was also given the Diversity and Inclusion Programme at CERN “25 by ‘25”, unanimously endorsed by the Senior Management in 2021 which implementation is successfully well underway.

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