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ph. 1-5: The President Mattarella at the inauguration ceremony
ph. 6: The italian group; from left to right: Salvatore La Rosa (MIUR),
Alessandro Fabris (Elettra), Diego Bettoni (INFN-LNL), GIacomo Cuttone (INFN-LNS), Eugenio Nappi (INFN), 
Corrado Spinella (CNR), Speranza Falciano (INFN)

Lund, 15 November 2018

At the European Spallation Source - ESS, the Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, and the King and Queen of Sweden attended the inauguration ceremony of the core technical components of the new European accelerator that is being commissioned in Lund, Sweden. These components are: the Ion Source and LEBT (Low Energy Beam Transport), both delivered by INFN with its National Laboratory of the South, based in Catania, Italy, the National Laboratories of Legnaro, the Laboratory for Accelerators and Applied Superconductivity (LASA), based in Milan, with its two divisions in Turin and Bologna.

Italy is contributing to the project with 110 million euro, i.e. about 6% of the construction cost, under the coordination of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), with the support of the National Research Council (CNR) and Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. This contribution includes the provision of services, staff and technical components that are built directly by the research centres in cooperation with Italian companies.


Elettra is committed to the realization of in-kind contributions for the proton accelerator and more specifically the construction of all the magnets and related power converters installed in the superconducting part of the linac and in the transfer lines to the target and to the beam dump, the RF power stations for the superconducting spoke cavity linac and the wire scanner acquisition system for the beam diagnostics.  Alessandro Fabris, ESS project company coordinator, represented Elettra at the ceremony.


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