JCOM Masterclass: registration is open!

Registration for the first three courses of JCOM Masterclasses 2015/16 opened on 2nd March, 2015. JCOM Masterclasses is a programme of short, intensive training courses to empower scientists, senior-middle managers of cultural institutions and other professionals who wish to communicate science through different media to various audiences. Each course lasts 5 days and includes theoretical presentations, practical workshops and the presentation of international best practices. Speakers and tutors are leading professionals, researchers in science communication and experts at an international level.
The courses are organized within the activities of JCOM, the Journal of science communication.
The courses are organized by SISSA Medialab in partnership with SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies), ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics), ICGEB (International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology), Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and in collaboration with the Architect Association of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Grants are available, and the fee is reduced by 30% for members of Ecsite (The European Network of Science Centres and Museums), Redpop (the network for Popularization of Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean), Pcst (the network for Public Communication in Science and Technology) and other international networks.
The courses that will be held in Trieste from October 2015 to February 2016 are:
Developing successful exhibition (5 - 9 October 2015)
The course presents best practices to develop interactive exhibitions that include hands-on exhibits, multimedia, video installations and other new technologies and approaches.
Communicating current research to various audiences (5 - 9 October 2015)
The course aims at improving scientists’ personal skills to communicate the value and the results of their research to various audiences (from children to policy-makers) with different media (from face-to-face conferences to internet).
The course “Communicating current research to various audiences” will be replicated in February 2016.
Developing successful museums and science centres (7 – 11 December 2015)
The course presents best practices to develop and operate science centres and museums relating to our natural and cultural heritage, and supporting programmes for the public.
Facilitating the debate on the scientific and technological progress (11 – 15 January 2016)
The course aims at empowering explainers, educators and other mediators to facilitate discussions on controversial issues and scientific applications, through science cafés, discussion games and other participatory procedures.
For more information and to see the detailed programmes please visit the website http://jcom.sissa.it/masterclasses/


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