Kevin Prince appointed as Elettra Fellow

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On Wednesday 20 December, in the occasion of the Elettra XMas plenary meeting, President and CEO Prof. Alfonso Franciosi conferred the title of Elettra Fellow on Kevin Prince, presenting him with a plaque of gratitude.
The Board of Directors of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste appoints as "Elettra Fellows" distinguished scientists and administrators who have greatly helped Elettra to pursue its mission and achieve its institutional goals. By appointing an Elettra Fellow, Elettra expresses its gratitude for his/her contributions and looks forward to maintaining a long-term scientific relation in the future.

Dr. Prince  is a distinguished experimental physicist who has given fundamental contributions to the understanding of gas phase and low density matter phenomena, also contributing to the development of novel experimental methods of investigation, which utilize the radiation produced by synchrotron and free-electron laser (FEL) sources.
With Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste since 1989, Dr. Prince coordinated the construction the VUV, Gas Phase and Materials Science beamlines. In 1996 he organised the experiment that led to the first high impact publication showcasing the unprecedented resolution available because of the high brightness of the new Elettra source. He also established the Spectroscopic PhotoEmission and Low Energy Electron Microscope (SPELEEM) branch of the Gas Phase
beamline, which was so successful that it was decided to construct the dedicated Nanospectroscopy beamline.
Important work carried out at the Gas Phase beamline includes the spectroscopic characterization with synchrotron radiation of the five nucleobases (the “alphabet” of DNA), and a selection of amino acids, where it was shown that weak chemical hydrogen bonds can be clearly observed in core level photoemission. More recently his attention has shifted to experiments at the Low-density Matter beamline at FERMI, where he lead the team that demonstrated the coherence of different harmonics, and application of this phenomenon to coherent control of the FERMI radiation. This breakthrough led directly to the creation of attosecond pulse trains at FERMI and to a series of other experiments exploiting the full coherence of FERMI.
For his work at FERMI, in 2020 Dr. Prince was co-recipient of the Innovation Prize on Synchrotron Radiation, awarded by the Association of Friends of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin for an excellent achievement that has contributed significantly to the further development of innovative techniques, methods or uses of synchrotron and FEL radiation.
Over the last 34 years Dr. Prince has provided our institution with invaluable contributions in different areas of science using synchrotron and FEL radiation, greatly contributing to the success of our organization.
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