Let’s Shed Light on the Sun: public conference by Claudio Masciovecchio

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(ph. Massimo Goina, by Immaginario Scientifico)

Let’s Shed Light on the Sun.
Experimental techniques to understand the role of the sun in life on Earth 
Trieste, 10 March 2017
Palazzo Gopcevich, Sala Bazlen

Claudio Masciovecchio, a researcher and head of the FERMI scientific programme, explained how it is possible to understand the properties of the sun and its role in life on Earth using the experimental techniques applied by scientists at FERMI and other research centres. This was the topic of the second event of the series of public conferences organised as part of the project "Helios, un mese di iniziative dedicate al Sole” - Helios, A Month of Initiatives dedicated to the Sun". The public was so interested that the venue was packed, with people standing in the aisles.





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