Low Emittance Ring - Permanent Magnets Workshop hosted by Elettra

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On 14 and 15th of November 2023 the Low Emittance Ring - Permanent Magnets Workshop (LER-PerMag) took place at the Savoia Excelsior Palace, Trieste. The workshop was organized by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste in collaboration with Kyma and ALBA Synchrotron and sponsored by I.FAST and LEAPS-PerMaLIC.

New Low Emittance Rings (Elettra 2.0 is one of them) are nowadays increasingly considering the use Permanent Magnets in their designs thanks to two main advantages: it allows a more compact distribution of magnets, since there is no need of coils and water cooling, obtaining, as a by-product, a much higher beam stability of the beam; and on the other side, it allows to reduce the running costs and the carbon footprint of the facility because of the removal of the power supplies associated to conventional electromagnets. However, the use of Permanent Magnets also presents some serious challenges such as the loss of flexibility for the correction of errors, correction that it is needed to ensure the proper beam dynamics performance and stability, and the long-term stability of the magnets themselves due to the risk of radiation-induced demagnetization.

The main scope of the workshop was to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between experts on this subject and it was intended to share, between institutes, research centres and companies (participated Kyma, VacuumSchmelze and ZHmag), the design challenges and experiences on the field. There were 42 participants from Europe, USA and Asia.
The event ended with the visit to Elettra and Kyma.

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