Marco Polo Prize for Science 2015

In the picture, Parmigiani (the 2nd from the left) and Fermeglia (in the centre)

This sought-after award has been bestowed on professors Maurizio Fermeglia, Dean of the University of Trieste, and Fulvio Parmigiani of the Physics Department of the University of Trieste and Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.

The 2015 edition of the International Symposium "Italy Meets Asia, a Scientific Venue in Kyototook place just a few days ago in Japan.
During this event professors Fermeglia and Parmigiani received the Marco Polo Prize for Science 2015from the Mayor of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa. The prize is conferred to scientists for their outstanding contribution in collaborations between Italy and Japan. The Symposium, organised by the Kyoto Institute of Technology and the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, constitutes a significant opportunity for interaction between the Italian and Japanese scientific communities.


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