New tools for data analysis: Orange Infrared and Spectral Orange

Orange Infrared is a collaborative project between SOLEIL (SMIS beamline), ELETTRA (SISSI beamline) and the Bioinformatics Laboratory of the University of Ljubljana. It started in 2016 to provide open source, cross platform data processing tools to the infrared community. 
This software is a toolbox for the Orange Canvas, which is developed in Ljubljana. Besides newly developed functionality, Orange allows the construction of data processing workflows that can include classical machine learning methods, and thus open the way for new understanding of scientific experiments.
Shortly after the initial success, other facilities and research groups have also realized the potential of this approach and joined the initial members. Currently, the collaboration also includes the Mid IR beamline of the Canadian Light Source, the Biospectroscopy group of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, the Scientific Computing Group of the SIRIUS synchrotron as well as colleagues from the Advanced Light Source. Today, the project scope is extended to include other spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging techniques and the package is called Orange Spectroscopy.

Starting in 2018 May the collaboration is going to take the developments to the next level to include the whole range of synchrotron techniques and provide the worldwide synchrotron user community with unprecedented tools to democratize data processing. To this end, we will introduce a special version of Orange, pre-packaged with all the relevant data processing toolboxes.
SOLEIL Synchrotron

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