Elettra and Science+fiction: an experimental chamber in the "Alabarde Spaziali" (Double Harken) Exhibition

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The exhibition "Alabarde spaziali (Double Harken). 60 years of Festivals and Science Fiction in Trieste" was inaugurated on Friday 15 September at the San Giusto Castle in the Bastione Fiorito in the presence of the Councillor for Culture and Tourism Policies, Giorgio Rossi in the presence of Stefano Bianchi, Head of the Historical and Artistic Museums of the Municipality of Trieste, Anna Krekic, Conservator of the San Giusto Castle, Chiara Barbo, President and Francesco Cappellotto of La Cappella Underground.

In the section that sees the interaction between science and science fiction, an experimental chamber of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is displayed, re-interpreted as an exhibition object, offering an opportunity to also celebrate 30 years of light in our laboratory. 

Special thanks to the colleagues who made it possible to create the (art) work, first of all Max Tudor, who coordinated the project together with the communication team, and then in alphabetical order Maurizio Barnaba, Ivan Cudin, Alessandro Gambitta, Marco Milani, Silvia Onesti and Rudi Sergo.
More information on the exhibition can be found at this link.

The exhibition will be open until 4th February 2024.
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