OPEN SESAME Environmental Science Thematic School

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Allan (Jordan), June 23-27, 2019

SESAME just hosted the OPEN-SESAME Environmental Science Thematic School. The course covered a comprehensive training in synchrotron radiation applications to environmental science, and trained 30 researchers coming from all over the Middle East region.

This training school was organised by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste in collaboration with SESAME and funded by the European Commission within the OPEN-SESAME project (H2020 project for research and innovation under grant agreement n.730943).

The programme included theoretical and practical classes, run by top scientists working in SESAME and in European Synchrotron beamlines and international research infrastructures. The researcher  Andrea Lausi participated for Elettra (bl Xpress).


The 30 participants, young and motivated scientists from SESAME Members, had the chance to explore and develop a range of key practices, capabilities and skills associated with the use of synchrotron beamlines, including lectures, tutorials and practical hands-on training sessions at SESAME IR and XAFS beamlines.

The school received a very positive feedback from the participants and represented an excellent occasion for transferring knowledge to the user community emerging around SESAME synchrotron to fully exploit the brightest X-rays of the Middle East. It was also a good opportunity for allowing young scientist to meet and network with SESAME staff and for discussing about new ideas and possible future research collaborations.


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