Painter Annamaria Ducaton donates her painting “Esistenze” to Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste


It is one of the works recently shown at the second International Biennial Exhibition for women at Warehouse 26 of the Trieste Porto Vecchio, with 180 different workpieces of women artists from all over the world. “Esistenze” is a large-size tempera painting donated by author Annamaria Ducaton to Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, which will be situated in a conspicuous place of the new entrance of the International Center that will be created at the Basovizza campus of Area Science Park.
This piece of art is particularly important for the Trieste painter, who is certainly acquainted with the scientific community. The artist has a track record of more than ninety personal exhibitions in Trieste, Duino, Lignano, Udine, Gorizia, Maniago, Brunico, Dobbiaco, Steinhaus, S. Bonifacio di Verona, Trento, Rome, Turin, Milan, Izola, Ljubljana, Dobrovo, Salzburg, Graz, Helsinki, Basilea, Terezin, Prague, Venezuela, California L.A, often revolving around her major subjects (Anna Frank, Kalevala, Gustav Mahler, Franz Kafka…); she had already exhibited a personal collection at the Miramare Center for Theoretical Physics, focused on the environment.

In 1990, she had organized at the City Art Gallery an exhibition titled “Atom and Creation”, for whose realization she had used the advice of some friend scientists, including Prof. Arturo Falaschi. “I love discoveries and the world of what – at least apparently - is invisible, which I cover with my style, and connect to the sphere of the imaginary and visionary”, explained the painter.

In her copious career as an artist, Annamaria Ducaton has often distinguished herself for her donations to cultural organizations, her masterpiece being the large wall-painting at the “Nuestra Senora de la Soledad” cathedral in Venezuela.

From the Press Release of AREA Science Park dd. 6.08.2019


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