Great success for the PhotonMeadow23 Workshop

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From 12 to 14 September 2023 the workshop PhotonMeadow23, organized and chaired by Marco Zangrando - Elettra and CNR (Italy) and co-chaired by Elke Plönjes - DESY (Germany) has been held at ICTP Trieste.
The event merged two different workshops:
  • MEADOW - 10 years after, aiming to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original "MEtrology, Astronomy, Diagnostics and Optics Workshop", held in the same venue in 2013
  • PhotonDiag 2023 representing the 6th edition of the "FELs of Europe Workshop on FEL Photon Diagnostics, Instrumentation, and Beamlines Design"
The 3 days event has been a real success, reaching over 110 attendees from all over the world, and gave the audience the chance to focus on several topics such as

X-ray optics design, realization and metrology (SR, FEL and Astronomy) | Beamline design and simulation (SR and FEL) | Photon diagnostics for FELs and synchrotrons
Wavefront sensing (SR, FEL and Astronomy): simulations, instrumentation, measurements | Time-related beam properties - temporal characterisation of electron, FEL, and laser beams | Science instruments and detectors | Scientific computing, machine learning and large data management
The workshop opened on Tuesday 12 September with an introductory talk by Prof. Alfonso Franciosi, Elettra President and CEO, who gave an update on “Operations and Upgrade of Elettra and FERMI”.

A revise on two important projects (OASYS and DABAM) has been made by Manuel Sanchez del Rio (ESRF - France) on Wednesday 13 September.
On the same day, in the afternoon, an interesting poster session displayed 40 scientific works.

On Thursday 14 September, it has been the turn of another renowned speaker, Luca Rebuffi (Argonne National Laboratory – USA) who gave a talk on “AI-driven real time optics system to achieve aberration-free coherent wavefronts at 4th-generation synchrotron radiation and free electron laser beamlines”.

The workshop closed in great satisfaction of the organizers and participants for the excellent scientific level of the event. A special thanks to all the invited speakers and the sponsors.

Here the interviews to Manuel Sanchez del Rio, Luca Rebuffi and to Elke Plönjes
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