Peter Kuske and Richard Walker appointed as Elettra Fellows

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On Wednesday 12 July, at the dinner of Elettra's Machine Advisory Committee, President and CEO Prof. Alfonso Franciosi conferred the title of Elettra Fellow on Dr. Peter Kuske and Prof. Richard Walker, presenting them with a plaque of gratitude.
The Board of Directors of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste appoints as "Elettra Fellows" distinguished scientists and administrators who have greatly helped Elettra to pursue its mission and achieve its institutional goals. By appointing an Elettra Fellow, Elettra expresses its gratitude for his/her contributions and looks forward to maintaining a long-term scientific relation in the future.

Dr. Kuske is a distinguished accelerator physicist who has given fundamental contributions to the understanding of non-linear transverse and longitudinal beam dynamics and instabilities, in particular longitudinal single bunch instabilities driven by coherent synchrotron radiation. He made important contribution to beam diagnostics and later to beam injection techniques. He designed the multipole pulsed injector element tested, constructed and currently used in MAX IV.
Dr. Kuske has been a member of the Machine Advisory Committee of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and over the last years has provided our institution with many valuable contributions in areas ranging from beam dynamics and instabilities to machine injection strategies, greatly contributing to the success of our organization.

ProfRichard. P. Walker is an illustrious physicisof international repute who has given fundamental contributions to the understanding and development of the insertion devices that produce the electromagnetic radiation in third-generation synchrotron radiation sources and in free-electron laser sources.
Professor Walker has been directly responsible for many of the achievements of the Elettra source. In addition, he has chaired the Machine Advisory Committe of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and over the last years has provided our institution with invaluable advice about our plans for accelerator development in Elettra, FERMI and Elettra 2.0, greatly contributing to the success of our organization.
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