Riccardo Cucini is the winner of FameLab Trieste

FameLab 2014 - Trieste
The winners of Trieste's local FameLab selection
The top two of the selection of Trieste FameLab will now access to the national competition in Perugia

Riccardo Cucini and Ali Hassanali are the two winners of the local selection of FameLab, the science talent show that took place on March 7  at the Teatro Miela Trieste, organized by Immaginario Scientifico, the University of Trieste and the Municipality of Trieste .
Cucini and Hassanali have distinguished themselves from the other 13 competitors for their stage presence, charm and the ability to transmit the object of their studies in a clear and captivating way, convincing the jury and the public, mostly composed by high school students.
The winner Riccardo Cucini, from Siena, is a researcher at Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste, where he is specialized in laser spectroscopy on liquids. feeling that it is very important to make scientific concepts more intuitive, Cucini explained in an incredibly simple yet effective way how the electrical circuits and spectroscopy work, with a perfect choice of small objects that could be easily used on stage (3 colored balls and a rope).
Hassanali, second place - was born in Tanzania and then lived in Kenya, the United States, Switzerland and finally in Trieste – is a long-term visiting scientist at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics "Abdus Salam" (ICTP), where he studies the properties of water in different types of environments. Like an “Arturo Brachetti” of science, he came on stage with 3 balloons, and illustrated (in English) the movement of water. A hilarious performance, delivered with extreme scientific rigour, wich captivated the audience also thanks to his relaxed and communicative gestures.

The two winners, who have been awarded a cash prize of € 400.00 and 200.00, respectively, will represent the Friuli Venezia Giulia region at the Italian FameLab final, which will be held on May 3rd in Perugia. In compliance with the format of FameLab, they will have only three minutes to illustrate a scientific topic, challenging the other competitors from Ancona , Genoa, Milan, Naples, Perugia and Trento. The winner of the national competition in Perugia, will then take part in the international final, and will compete with 23 candidates from all the countries in the world perticipating in the Cheltenham Science Festival (UK) in June.

Judging the young science communicators in the competition was a panel of experts, composed by Alessandro Baraldi (Professor of Physics, University of Trieste), Nicola Bressi (Director of the Municipal Scientific Museums in Trieste), Fabio Carniello (Director of the Immaginario Scientifico) and Simona Cerrato (scientific communication professional of Sissa Medialab), and Diego Matuchina (Director of the Teatro La Contrada).

In perfect harmony with the enjoyable atmosphere of the event, the presenters of the show were Alessandro Mizzi and Stefano Dongetti, comedians of the "Pupkin Kabarett". They contributed to making the public participate in a very lively manner, making the atmosphere light and hilarious.

Trieste, 7 March, 2014

(Press release of Immaginario Scientifico)
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