School on Synchrotron and FEL

The “School on Synchrotron and FEL Based Methods and their Multidisciplinary Applications”, jointly organized by ICTP (Nadia Binggeli), Sincrotrone Trieste (Maya Kiskinova), and IAEA (Francoise Mulhauser) was inaugurated on 19 March at the Adriatico Guest House in Grignano.

Forty-five people, including PhD students, post-docs, and established researchers from the all over the world and of different scientific backgrounds will attend the two-week programme (courses end on 30 March).
The event’s schedule includes lectures and conferences by leading international experts in synchrotron light and free electron lasers, including 12 Elettra researchers who will highlight the best applied methodologies and illustrate the outcomes of recent experiments and future development plans in the various fields of application. A particular emphasis will be placed on new and complementary research possibilities brought about by the new FEL source.
Training sessions and practical demonstrations at the Elettra and Fermi light sources are also planned.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 16:55