School on TANGO Control System

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The first school on TANGO Controls took place at Elettra from 4th to 8th July, 2016.

TANGO Controls is a free and open source software framework for building distributed control systems, developed collaboratively by an international community of research institutions.

Thirteen young graduates with good programming and computer science skills, coming from Ecuador, Iran, Italy, Poland and Romania, attended the school organized by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.
The lecturers were Elettra senior engineers with long experience on control systems and TANGO. During the week they provided the students with a general overview of the TANGO framework and the fundamentals to develop software applications. The theoretical lessons have been followed by hands-on sessions where the students practiced TANGO software development using the computers of the Elettra training room.
During the course the students have been very active and willing to learn TANGO. This training experience will eventually enrich their professional curriculum and be an important asset of their cultural background. As a positive result, most of the students are planning to use TANGO in their future software development activities.


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