Sincrotrone Trieste turns 25 (Press review)

Dipiazza Rizzutto A ceremony was held yesterday morning, December 15, at Laboratorio Elettra to toast the twenty-five year anniversary of Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A. and usher in the new year. The meeting was an informal occasion for the company’s executives – its President Carlo Rizzuto, CEO Alfonso Franciosi and Vice-President Giovanni Comelli – to celebrate with staff, consultants, and their families, along with local authorities and representatives from city and regional institutions which, since 1986 (the year the company was founded), have accompanied Elettra’s development.


Speakers included Fabio Omero, Councilor for Economic Development, Community Funds, Tourism, and Subsidiary Companies; Pietro Giardina, Substitute Vice Prefect; Roberto Dipiazza; Riccardo Illy; Domenico Romeo (former President of Area Science Park and Rector of the University of Trieste), and Professor Renzo Rosei, one of the founding fathers of the centre.

Elettra’s successes were unanimously acknowledged, from its origins until today, even more so with the launch of the new light source. "The FERMI and Elettra compound - Carlo Rizzuto pointed out – is a unique infrastructure at the disposal of the leading international researchers: in Europe, only Germany has a comparable research and development facility. It is a point of reference for research at the highest international level". The toast ended with entertainment for children.


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