SOS Proteus and Speleo 2018

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The 3rd edition of the international meeting "SOS Proteus" closed on 14 April 2018; it has been a success and a synergy of ideas, both focused on the proteus research! It was organized by Tular Cave Laboratory - Jamski laboratorij Tular in partnership and financed by the Škocjan Caves Park, Slovenia,
In numbers: 90 participants from 12 countries, 20 presentations on proteus and its habitat, from which 70 top scientist, researchers, experts, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Among the works presented was the poster of Federica Papi, Edgardo Mauri and Lucia Mancini with the micro-CT images of a Proteus anguinus sample, made for the first time in 2012 at the Tomolab in Elettra Synchrotron Trieste.




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