Successful commissioning of the UARPES beamline at Solaris (Poland)


The ‘footprint’ of the synchrotron ‘light’ (ultraviolet of the photon energy 140 eV) on a luminescent YAG screen. Photo: Jacek Kolodziej.

UARPES beamline was designed and built by Elettra satisfying the requirements of the Solaris technical and scientific teams. Built on the extensive operational and hands-on experience in the field of the beamlines, the Elettra took care of the entire beamline project management process including the final highly valuable commissioning mentoring.
Observing the first light from the variably polarizing undulator (Kyma APPLE II type) is an important step towards making the UARPES beamline available to scientific users.  Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARPES) allows for measurements of fundamental quantities, i.e. the energy and the momentum, describing a photoelectron state in the space outside the solid sample. 
Elettra has been actively involved in the Solaris construction offering the scientific and technical consultancy during the most crucial initial stages as well as designing the PEEM/XAS beamline, which paved the way for winning the contract for designing, building and installing the UARPES beamline.






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