The Master in Science Communication 'Franco Prattico' by SISSA at Elettra

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On 2 March 2023 Elettra welcomed a group of about 20 participants of the Master in Science Communication 'Franco Prattico'.
The 'Franco Prattico' Master's Degree (MCS) at SISSA is an advanced course, the first in Europe in terms of history and duration, with the aim of training professionals specialised in the various fields of science communication including journalism, institutional communication, museology, publishing and event organisation.
The topics at MCS cover the most significant areas of study for science communication training, such as social studies on science and communication, business fundamentals, frontiers science topics and informal education alongside innovative courses such as journalism and artificial intelligence, business journalism, science and politics, data journalism and storytelling techniques.

Welcomed into Elettra's exhibition area by Maja de'Simoni, Head of Elettra's Communication Activity, after a general overview of the centre's competences the students were shown projects, international collaborations and the potential of research techniques based on synchrotron light as a source of ideas and solutions to respond to growing economic and social challenges, and to contribute to improving the quality of life. Particular emphasis was placed on the organisation's outreach activities, focusiing on the communication needs and peculiarities of the research carried out at the centre.
The group then continued the visit to the Elettra and FERMI experimental halls, following with great interest the explanations given by researchers Marco Zangrando and Laura Foglia, who went into some technical and practical aspects of the analysis instruments used and the various applications of synchrotron light.

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