The Minister Stefania Giannini in Trieste (Press review)

The Minister for Education, University and Research Stefania Giannini will be in Trieste, on 24 September, for the CEI Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology.
Also on the agenda the prospects for development of the European Consortium CERIC-ERIC established at the Elettra Synchrotron.
24 September 2014 - Trieste (Hotel Savoia Excelsior Palace)

Ministers and senior representatives of the 18 CEI Member States are meeting in Trieste, on 24 September, to take stock of the cooperation strategies in the field of science and technology promoted by the Organisation. Italy will be represented by Minister Stefania Giannini, also on behalf of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
There are three main topics on the agenda, as a follow up of the previous ministerial meetings held in Trieste over the past four years which have laid the foundations for the development of concrete activities with the involvement of the countries of Central-Eastern Europe and the Balkans and in synergy with the Centers of Excellence of the Trieste System:
1) Formal launch of the “CEI-PRAISE” Framework Programme for the promotion of research, technology transfer and innovation in the 18 CEI Member States, finalised by the Trieste-based CEI Secretariat through its Science and Technology Network. This Programme is based on the excellence of the participating institutions, recognised at European level, complemented by a specific experience through international scientific cooperation. The Programme will develop over the next seven years, hopefully in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre JRC of the European Commission, and in line with the European macro- regional strategies. CEI PRAISE is therefore expected to strongly enhance, at international level, the excellences in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in the field of science. Special focus will also be given to the potential the institutions in this area have in order to participate in Horizon 2020, having the peculiar characteristic of an enhanced collaboration with Eastern European countries.
2) Update on actions taken by the CEI to promote advanced biofuels in the context of an economy based on bio-resources: within the priority given to renewable energy in the multi- year Plan of Action of the Organisation, which sees the CEI action in line with Italy being a leader in this area. In addition to the European projects promoted by the CEI under the Seventh Framework Programme, there is the commitment to replicate in one of the CEI member countries (and Serbia seems to be a particularly favourable target) the technology of the plant
located in the Italian Piedmont Region (Crescentino), the largest in the world for industrial-scale production of second generation bioethanol.
3) Commend the adoption of the Statute for the European Consortium CERIC-ERIC, which - with the accession already acquired of nine CEI member countries - will further enhance the Elettra Synchrotron, the flagship of multidisciplinary research in Italy.
After the debate, Minister Giannini will visit Elettra, in order to meet - between 12.00 and 13.30 pm - a group of researchers specialised in pharmaceutical, medical and environmental matters.
The visit to the research center will open the afternoon conference – taking place at the Savoia Hotel - promoted by the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, dedicated to the evolution of the European scenario of research infrastructures, "Evolving landscape of Research Infrastructures in Europe - ELRI). During the meeting, managers, policy makers and representatives of governmental organisations from different countries, will take part in the development of an integrated European infrastructure system, based on common criteria of merit and transparency as well as on an integrated use of resources. This will then produce a series of final guidelines, which will set the stage for future actions and decisions by the Commission.
Parallel to the CEI meeting, a special session of the Platform for Science and Technology in the Western Balkans has been convened. It is strongly promoted by the European Commission, organised by the CEI together with the Directorate-General for Research in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the EU Council.
The programme of the meeting is available here.
A meeting with the press is scheduled to take place at 11.15.
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Trieste, 22 September, 2014

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