The winners of the CERIC Picture Contest 2018

  • The graphene witch (Andrea Locatelli, Elettra)

This is the author's description: "The image, obtained using the low-energy electron microscope at the Elettra beamline Nanospectroscopy and rendered in artificial colors, shows the edge of a graphene single layer (bright) on an iridium crystalline support (dark blue). The field of view is 10 microns. Owing to the strong contrast, one can recognize the face of an old woman, probably a witch. The eye and the spot on her chin are prominent circular structures called mesas, sort of flat-top hillocks that form on surfaces. The thin horizontal lines are due to the atomic steps separating the terraces on the iridium surface. Note that the old woman's face is covered by thin dark lines which self-arrange into regular hexagonal structures. They are corrugations, sort of wrinkles that form on graphene upon cooling from growth temperature to ambient conditions due to the different contraction of graphene and iridium. The image is reminiscent of the famous optical illusion of Boring, the young and the old lady." (top left)

  • Don’t let me go (Alessia Matruglio, CERIC)

The image of a graphene suspended strip seen under a microscope of the IOM-CNR laboratory.   (bottom left)

  • 3D Printed Copper Surface (David Pervan, Università di Nottingham) (bottom right)

Fonte: CERIC

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