Third edition of the IAEA training workshop on synchrotron radiation

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The third edition of the IAEA Training Workshop on Synchrotron Technologies and Techniques and their Applications took place from 23rd to 27th of October 2023, at Elettra.
For the event, organized by IAEA and Elettra, ten participants from eight different countries gathered to the Elettra. The participants had the chance to attend lectures, but also to participate in hands-on tutorials on three different beamlines.
The lecturers, researchers from Elettra, UniMoRe, and IAEA, illustrated the potentialities offered by synchrotron radiation and explained the principles of x-ray absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence, and diffraction. Several application fields of such techniques have also been discussed including: environmental science, cultural heritage and materials science.
In the tutorial sessions, the Elettra staff of the XAFS, XRF, and MCX beamline demonstrated how to successfully use synchrotron radiation to perform different kinds of experiments.
Furthermore, the workshop has been a great opportunity to practice proposals. Writing a good proposal is crucial to access synchrotron resources, therefore the aspects playing a relevant role in the proposal evaluations were thoroughly presented and analyzed.
Elettra and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) have a long-standing collaboration. Since 2005 Elettra is "IAEA Collaborating Centre” and endorses the Agency’s activities in disseminating scientific and technical culture and promoting international networks among the research communities worldwide. IAEA also is a Partner of the XRF beamline at Elettra since 2012.
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