Trieste Police Commissioner Mrs. Irene Tittoni at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste

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On Friday 14 January we received the visit of the Trieste Police Commissioner, Dr. Irene Tittoni, accompanied by the Chief Executive of Digos Fabio Zampaglione and some colleagues.

Welcomed by the President and CEO Alfonso Franciosi who illustrated the characteristics of Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste and its countless excellences, Dr. Tittoni continued the visit of the two light sources Elettra and FERMI, led by Alfonso Franciosi himself, accompanied by Marco Marazzi, Vice General Coordinator.

The delegation focused on some beamlines and was able to focus on some aspects of the research that takes place in Elettra by meeting Alessandra Gianoncelli at Twin-Mic, Annie Heroux at the XRD2 line, and finally Claudio Masciovecchio, entering the LINAC tunnel of FERMI.

Upon illustration of the potential of techniques based on synchrotron light as a source of ideas and solutions to today's challenges, Mrs. Tittoni expressed great appreciation and keen interest in the possible uses of analysis techniques in the most varied fields.


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