Tutorial of Advanced Synchrotron Techniques, May 2019

Trieste - Elettra, 13-15 May, 2019

Elettra hosted a group of 23 students, coming from the Montan Universität Leoben and the Technical University Graz, who attended the school “Synchrotron Radiation in Materials Science”.

Co-organized by the two Austrian Universities, the 9th edition of the school has been made possible by the collaboration of the beamlines SAXS, DXRL, XRD2, MCX, and  XAFS.

On Monday 13th, after a short presentation of the two lightsources Elettra and FERMI, the participants joined Stefano Cleva in a visit to the Experimental Hall of Elettra and FERMI. In the next two days, the students attended a series of lectures on the experimental techniques and on the data treatment. Simone Pollastri, Danilo Oliveira De Souza (XAFS), Dan Dumitrescu, Nicola Demitri, Matteo De March (XRD2), Mattia Gaboardi, Jasper Plaisier (MCX), Heinz Amenitsch, Sigrid Bernstorff, Barbara Sartori (SAXS), Benedetta Marmiroli and Alessio Turchet (DXRL) collaborated on the success of the event.


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