Under 18 Science Festival

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Monfalcone, 16-17-18 maggio 2019

Scienza Under 18 Isontina is a scientific educational project aimed at promoting the activity by the students and the commitment from the teachers to make good scientific teaching practices known outside the school environment as well. The finish point of the paths developed over the school year is an event, a Science Festival for people under 18, which takes place in May. During the festival, students from kindergartens up to high schools present their science projects to other students, the citizens and any other subjects interested in scientific education.
One of the workshops organised at the contemporary art gallery in Piazza della Repubblica, entitled “How does a synchrotron work?” was curated by Scienziati Pazzi (aka Boson, Photon, Electron, Neutron), the ‘unusual’ funny Elettra quartet.

ph. Massimo Goina

PRESS REVIEW (italian version only)

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