Visit by a UNIDO delegation

On Wednesday, 13 June, a delegation from UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization – visited the Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.
The delegation included Ali Marjowy, Program Director UNIDO International Centre on Nanotechnology - Teheran, Iran, Anders Isaksson, Industrial Development Officer Investment and Technology Unit - UNIDO Headquarters – Vienna, and H. Tamer Tandogan, Knowledge Management Expert Investment and Technology Unit, UNIDO Headquarters – Vienna. The delegation was accompanied by Dr. Graziano Bertogli of ICS UNIDO - Trieste and visited Elettra’s experimental hall, where they were guided by Heinz W. Amenitsch, from the SAXS beamline. The tour ended at the LILIT beamline, where Massimo Tormen of the TASC IOM-CNR Laboratory illustrated nanotechnology application, a field the guests were particularly interested in.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 June 2012 17:17