Workshop on Geomaterials, the importance of X-ray applications


On Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 September, the international workshop 'Synchrotron and laboratory-based X-ray computed microtomography: Applications in the Earth sciences' was held.

Out of a collaboration between the University of Catania (through the Department of Geological Biological and Environmental Sciences) and Elettra Sincrotrone of Trieste, the workshop, conceived for young researchers in the field of geomaterials with the aim of acquainting applications of X-rays and learning about their structure at the microscale, saw a total of 50 participants in attendance and online from Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Austria, UK, India, Canada, Australia and Nigeria.

The event, which took place in presence at the premises of the Earth Sciences section of the Department of Geological and Environmental Biological Sciences and Elettra Sincrotrone in Trieste, where doctoral and master thesis students brought and analysed rock and geomaterial samples, was followed online by other participants. In addition to lectures by experts and teachers from the Universities of Milan, Ottawa and Camerino, seminar and practical activities were also planned. Among the organisers were Prof. Rosalda Punturo (lecturer at Dsbga and scientific referee for the University of Catania), Dr. Gabriele Lanzafame (Dsbga Catania), Dr. Lucia Mancini (ZAG - Slovenian National Institute for Building and Civil Engineering) and Giuliana Tromba (Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste), part of the Scientific Committee.

The initiative is sponsored by the University of Catania, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, SIMP-Italian Society of Mineralogy and Petrology, ZAG - Slovenian National Institute for Building and Civil Engineering and is part of the activities of the PhD programme in "Earth and Environmental Sciences" of the University of Catania.

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