Workshop 'Liquid systems: science and standards for delivery’ at Elettra

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The workshop on Liquid systems: science and standards for delivery took place on December 4 2023 at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. Organized by Elettra within the framework of the LEAPS-innov work package, the event aimed to bring together globally recognized instrumental scientists involved in the development of liquid sample delivery systems and experts from diverse disciplines worldwide who share a common interest in liquids and their study.
The research on liquids, conducted also with X-ray photons, is gaining popularity thanks to the development of new 3D printed and microfabricated devices which permits to generate droplets or liquid leaves of sub-micrometric thicknesses.
This allows to study elusive states of matter like the liquid-liquid phase transition theorized to exist in water, the dynamics of chiral molecules in liquid solutions that may posses the potential for new way of storing the information, or the investigation of chemical processes that underly to atmospheric phenomena.
During the workshops, experts on the liquid phase lively debated on these topics from both theoretical and experimental point of views.
The workshop attracted the participation of 30 scientists from 19 different institutions across Europe. The insights gained during the meeting are expected to inspire new ideas, collaborations and experiments, paving the way for future scientific studies. 
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